Spurs’ Keane claptrap and “Krakow craic”.

The news that Spurs are to report us to the Premier League over our pursuit of Robbie Keane raises a number of issues.

The first is that this isn’t the first time someone has moaned about the way we have done business this summer. Martin O’Neill also vented his spleen over the way we brazenly lead that poor innocent lad Gareth Barry astray with promises of untold riches and success! Now it appears, like some latter day Uncle Ernie, we have turned our arrogant and devious thoughts to corrupting that nice Robbie Keane! Really, or have we just said in public that they are targets?

One would have some sympathy for Spurs if they had a point however, they don’t!

Ironically our unlikely bedfellows in this silly, needless, little charade are the Mancs who have incurred the majority of Spurs’ roth over their pursuit of Dimitar Berbatov. The man scorned it seems is Spurs chairman Daniel Levy. Presumably Levy sees both club’s conduct as tantamount to “tapping up” and laid into the Fergie with this.

“It is unbelievably hypocritical given his comments in respect of Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid”

Or us and The Mancs he said

“The behaviour of both clubs has been disgraceful. We told both clubs very early on that we had no interest in selling Robbie or Dimitar, respectively, and that they should refrain from pursuing the player“

A tad naive to my mind not to mention insulting to both players. As if they can’t think, speak or decide for themselves and that in this day and age players have no power and are effectively ..er “slaves”, no, let’s not go there!

The use of the word hypocritical” also is very dangerous especially if you are using it to accuse. One needs to check you are on safe ground and have no skeletons in your cupboard with could lead to the very same accusation being thrown at you. Presumably Daniel Levy feels he is on solid ground in his criticism of both clubs and that his behaviour in courting Ramos under the noses of Sevilla and subsequent shabby treatment of Martin Jol is neither “hypocritical” or “disgraceful”. There is also the more recent occasion where they prised John Bostock away from Crystal Palace in what was seen by many to be rather disreputable circumstances?

One wonders if Levy’s outburst is actually motivated by principle? For example would he be so outraged and vocal in his criticism had we, for example, been behaving in the same way over Darren Bent? Could it be that, like O’Neill with Barry, the real reason behind his petty little strop is that he is simply miffed at the harsh reality of Keane and Bertbatov wanting to leave for what they see as bigger and better opportunities?

So to Fribourg, Switzerland for our friendly against Wisla Krakow at what looked to be the grounds of the local municipal leisure centre! Once more Rafa made some changes the most significant being the inclusion of Andrea Dossena and perhaps more interestingly, given the sale of Peter Crouch and our pursuit of Robbie Keane, Ryan Babel up front. However inevitably thoughts turned to Steven Gerrard who was sent home for treatment on a groan injury. Nothing serious it seems and presumably plenty of time to recover?

It only took five or six minutes for us to open the scoring Voronin turning in Benayoun’s excellent “eye of a needle” cross at the second attempt. However, just like Lucerne on Wednesday, Wisla equalised quickly with Jirsak finishing of a good move with everyone in the defence looking to each other as to who was to blame.

After that Wisla had the upper hand for the rest of the first half going close on a few occasions which included hitting the post. Our only major effort was poor miss for Voronin who wasted a one on one with the keeper that Torres would converted blindfolded with one leg trussed up behind his back!

Dossena played for an hour and found life fairly difficult. He was badly exposed on a number of occasions partly down to poor decision making on his part but also thanks to Lato who offered scant support. Dossena also played a significant part in handing Wisla their goal however I’m assuming this was his first game for a while and at this early stage it would harsh in the extreme to judge him or expect him fit in straight away?

Overall not exactly a game to blow one’s socks off but a decent workout which, at stage of the proceedings, is all one should hope for?

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