Rafa Keane on Robbie and other weekend volleys and backhands?

So that’s it, Spain have won Euro 2008 and well deserved to. I have to say I was proud to see Torres’ excellent goal as a parent is with their kid on Sports Day “that’s my boy” or in this case “that’s my team’s player”.

Now there’s no more football until argh humm when Setanta broadcast our friendly match with Tranmere around 12th July! The country is in the grip of Wimbledon the one sporting tournament, along with Grand Prix racing, that really depresses me. Normally one would have the Glastonbury festival to distract but this year’s line up was summed up when the other half went out thus giving me the chance to zap Andy Murray and take in the proceedings. Who did I see? James Blunt whinnying and whining away! Sigh, time to watch Dad’s Army reruns on UK Gold!

One of the many things that annoys me about Wimbledon is that tennis all of a sudden becomes important for two weeks and then it is largely forgotten and ignored by the media and certainly the public. However, against this background we still have the stupidity to ask the question, and I paraphrase, “will a Britain ever win Wimbledon?”. This is usually to some American ex player who is forced to summon up all his powers of diplomacy and tact when basically all I suspect he wants to say is “you cannot be serious”. Why do they keep asking this question every year? Surely the answer doesn’t change? For example do New Zealanders discuss weather a Kiwi team will ever win the Football World Cup every four years? Do you dear reader discuss with your friends about why you have yet to perfect the art of levitation? So why do we talk about a Brit winning Wimbledon?

This brings me back to questions about who we will sign this summer. Things appeared to have gone quiet on the Gareth Barry front until this weekend that is. Yer man appears to have snapped and lost patience appearing in the in the News of the World saying that he wants away from Villa and that they, and Martin O’Neill, haven’t done much to make him feel wanted. Argh poor lad!

Will Villa now let Barry go? Is there any point in them keeping him now he has spoken in this way? If he stayed surely his relationship with O’Neill and the Villa fans would unworkable? It’s interesting that his has come when papers such as The Guardian on Saturday were linking us with Stuart Downing once more. Perhaps a little plant or bluff to force the issue over Barry, or maybe a genuine possibility as we have got fed up with Villa’s intransigence?

And there is more. One of the weekend red tops linked us with Robbie Keene of Spurs, I’ve said before that Keene would be ideal for us and a perfect foil for Torres. He is player I thought we should have signed when he was banging them in for Wolves in the late nineties. Like Torres he is sharp and quick and would surely, along with the Spaniard poise innumerable problems to defenders? I suspect this is a pipe dream however, if Spurs are willing to take on Peter Crouch then who knows, Keene could go the other way as part of the deal where surprisingly Yossi Benayoun has also been mentioned? Spurs would be barmy to sell but Keene may well be tempted if Berbatov goes and he is a Liverpool fan. Keane, along with David Silva, is the only player we’ve been linked with this season where I have immediately thought “yes, that would be great” but I will only believe both rumours when or if they happen!

That’s it, time to wind down the weekend with a chill out in front of Glastonbury What? No Shakin’ Stevens so an early night! Had you forgotten how good The Verve are?

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2 Responses to Rafa Keane on Robbie and other weekend volleys and backhands?

  1. This comment is in response to the question, Have you ever been to Liverpool? I have just been to the British Golf Open at Royal Birkdale (Southport) One of the members told me that both Dalglish and Hansen live close to Royal Birkdale and can’t get membership.
    Can anyone shed any light on the story?

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