Euro 2008, David Villa pipedream and Torres tittle tattle!

I don’t know if it’s Euro 2008, our alleged cash flow problems or the unrest but there seems to be an inordinate amount of speculation regarding Fernando Torres’ immediate future at Anfield.

Earlier this week one of the so called quality papers splashed out a headline that new Chelsea anger Felipe Scolari was targeting Torres. Having got your attention it, in the bed of the article, said that although Scolari would no doubt like to sign Torres it is not going to happen as Liverpool are unlikely to sell! So there you have it. A nothing story? A hot headline, to lure the readers in, and then the cold water. I might as well do a piece with the headline “Redfloyd to shag Angelina Jolie “ and then in the actual article say it won’t happen as she is unlikely to fancy me and that my other half and Brad Pitt wouldn’t have any of it!

Such nonsense hasn’t stopped The Red Tops rehashing the story this weekend. The News of The World suggests that Chelsea will test our “resolve” by launching a £40m bid. Furthermore if Torres is sold, it says, we will look to replace him with David Villa! Tell you what why don’t Chelsea just buy Villa! However, why don’t we sign David Villa?

Of course one has to consider that Rafa might not be interested in Villa. Why did he go for Torres over him in the first place? However, let’s assume that if the opportunity arose he would sign him? It’s been suggested by The Times that Villa can be picked up for £16m, a little less than Torres because, at 26 years, he is older. I suspect that is a little cheap especially if he continues his good form in Euro 2008 but its ball park, say £20m – £23m? Now I might be thinking a little out of line here but who dear reader, would you prefer in our side next season? Gareth Barry who is probably at £13m going on £18m or David Villa for a tad more – an Alonso fee (£15m or so) plus a Crouch (£10m)?

Villa himself has said…

“Liverpool and Chelsea are both big clubs with a lot of attraction. Liverpool have a Spanish coach and I also have a lot of friends there.”

Of course if funds are tight the owners could really demonstrate that they mean business with the club on the field, instead of just off it, by stumping up the money themselves. Yes, I’m actually suggesting it, out of their own pockets rather than financing everything on the never, never. Let’s appeal to Hicks’ partialness for a good bit of PR. It would a good gesture to the fans? A statement of intent? An olive branch regarding all the upheaval they have caused? A gift to Rafa to make up for the way they’ve treated him? Agh well, one can dream Eh?

Back to Euro 2008 and Torres got himself on the scoresheet for the first time with a well taken opportunist goal against Sweden. Spain’s performance wasn’t particularly convincing which suggests that although they have potency, they are still vulnerable if pressed?

Dirk Kuyt also broke his duck with a header against France. Dirk is officially the eleventh quickest player in the tournament. Does this mean he’s leaner, meaner and fitter or that he’s had to work hard to keep is form up whilst the others haven’t really had to break sweat yet! Either way it’s good see him doing well. In that game France, even though it was 4-1, played well enough to suggest that they could still be a force if they manage to scrap through but hopes are looking fragile.

Elsewhere congrats to Turkey for getting through. Their comeback against the Czechs will no doubt attract a lot of attention however, as Liverpool fans, we can be forgiven for wondering what the big deal is? It’s not as if they were 3-0 down eh?

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