Euro 2008, ground share, Barry and Bentley.

So Euro 2008 is finally upon us and the BBC is asking “Who will you support?” It’s strange that this campaign has only been introduced because England aren’t there. What about all the other years when the rest of the “home” teams haven’t participated? No doubt the Scots would point to this as more evidence of English bias in the media, but I guess this is the first time for a while that NONE of the home teams have qualified.

I don’t consider myself to especially patriotic but, like the rest of the country, I find myself getting sucked into the frenzy that accompanies the build up the games and then the inevitable elimination on penalties! It’s hard not to as you bombarded with it from every angle. My interest in the build up to has slightly cooled in the tournament because England aren’t there but as write now, there’s been little or no football on the TV for a week, so I’m looking forward to it!

It will also be nice to sit back and enjoy the football without the navel picking that inevitably occurs when England are involved. However, what is the betting that Lineker et all will regularly bring the subject back to England during the course of the tournament. “Well Alan, are the two finalists really that much better than England?” Answers of “yes” and “it’s not just the finalists” on a postcard to…

Who will I support? At present I’m fairly neutral. It’s a good opportunity to look at Philipp Degen but inevitably as Liverpool a fan, interest, if not necessarily full support, will gravitate to Spain. For me the good thing about the Euros it that they cut to the chase quickly. In the World Cup you have to wait a few weeks to the knock out rounds for the first big match. Don’t get me wrong there is always interest but it’s only in the latter stages to the top teams get to meet. Here we’ve got Italy v Holland on the third day!

Who will win the tournament? Who cares, let’s just hope it’s a good watch, but I couldn’t help laugh at part of Gary Lineker’s logic (on the BBC website) for suggesting that Spain will triumph…

“In Spain the feeling is that team chokes, but they have done well in sports like golf and motor racing where they have shown they have the bottle”


Back to where it really matters and the old corpse that is a shared stadium with Everton, has been exhumed and then quickly put back in it’s box. Surely this was never ever an option with the arrangements for our build being at such an advanced stage? A shared stadium presumably means half the control which I suspect would make a serious dent in certain people’s projected revenue streams?

Elsewhere I spent an enjoyable but, as usual, fruitless day knocking a small white ball around the countryside yesterday and as I staggered in late last night expected to read that the Andrea Dossena deal had been tied up but nothing yet. The Echo suggests that Gareth Barry will be with us next week and that the pursuit David Bentley will be started again despite earlier reports that the trail had gone cold. I don’t know whether the departure of Mark Hughes has played a part in this but either way surely Bentley will cost? If funds are tight then presumably Rafa might step his attempts to off load Crouch and Riise as the money from the Alonso deal is earmarked for Gareth Barry? Anyway all uninformed speculation and no doubt there will be much more.

Until then enjoy Euro 2008 and your weekend.

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One Response to Euro 2008, ground share, Barry and Bentley.

  1. Watching the euros brings up a big dilemma for me. Namely, do i want the Liverpool players and their teams to do well, or do i want them to get knocked out early.

    If it’s the latter, then of course they will be back at Melwood early for after a nice rest and ready for some pre-season.

    If it’s the former, then they will build confidence,a nd be on a roll heading in for the start of next season. On top of this they will be happy, and seein g as i love them all (especially Torres) i will be happy too.

    So what’s best for Liverpool? It’s a hard question!

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