Euro trash and Alonso to shack up with the “old lady”?

Hmm the papers made grim reading this morning. Gory, gory Man United?

One has to feel sorry for John Terry however, Chelsea bought it on themselves. It escapes me why they should get involved in the ruck that eventually saw Drogba sent off especially as it was over something as trivial as a throw in? Surely they would want to get on with the game if not it is a dangerous way of trying to run down the clock? As for Drogba it gets to point where you ask yourself if some people are passionate, competitive, wind up merchants or, in his case, just plain stupid. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Chelsea and Drogba demonstrate a total lack of style and swarm round the referee like bees round a honey pot. Arguably last night it was their undoing, surely Drogba, and not Terry, would have been amongst the first five penalty takers? A lesson learnt? I doubt it.

Overall the game was a pleasant surprise. It was a far cry from the yawn fest that was served up at Wembley last year. As for us of course it would have nice to have been there but had we lost to the Mancs, especially in the way Chelsea did, would be unbelievably difficult to take. It’s funny but I can’t help thinking he should restrict our clashes to “lesser” stages? Until we are better anyway!

Finally I was struck by the fact that when the Glaziers, whilst enjoying the splendours of Red Square, were asked for an interview by Sky, they simply walked away. What price Mr Hicks doing the same thing? Oh dear, how low can we go, asking “our lot” to take a leave out of the Mancs book!!!!

It took a map and compass to find any mention of us in the papers today however, tucked away in the corner was another rumour. This time it seems Alonso is off to The Old Lady of Turin, Juventus. Any mileage in this? It seems their big knobs have been talking to our big knobs and that further talks are planned next week. A number of things spring my mind over this.

Talks about Alonso moving are not new. It was a big rumour last year however, it was always assumed that if he did move it would be would be back to Spain, he was linked with Real and Barcelona. So why Italy all of a sudden? Alonso has stated that he is happy to stay with us but would leave if he wasn’t wanted? Have the reports surrounding Gareth Barry led him to conclude that this is so?

There are also rumours of a fall out with Rafa, the latest tiff being Alonso’s refusal to travel to Milan for the Champions League game as he preferred to be at home for the birth of his child. Finally is Gareth Barry better than Alonso? He is certainly more versatile but does he possess the Spaniards craft? The fee is understood to be around £12m (compared to the £10m plus others we are offering Villa for Barry) but I believe this to be light by at least £3m, if not more.

One thing seems to be certain, this summer it looks like Rafa is going to have to sell to buy. This is not always a bad thing as no doubt there are certain members of the squad who he would like to off load. However what does it say about our financial situation that we have to resort to these methods in order to bring new players in? Over to you Mr Hicks and Gillett!

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