Gerrard’s statement of faith and Spurs speak.

So here it is “D Day” or “Grand Slam Sunday” or, for many, “Couldn’t Careless Sunday”.

Who knows what Sky have concocted for this afternoon. No doubt we will have helicopters or airships looking down on the grounds and more poetry at the start of the programme a disturbing, annoying and thoroughly pretentious development.

Richard Keys will be as hairy and as solemn as usual making everything sound as if the future of the planet depends on the title or relegation games and no doubt we see plenty of “interim tables” as the games unravel. “If the scores stay as they are now this is what will happen, but of course all that could change”. Really? Mix in long, lingering, post match shots of fans slumped dejectedly in the stands after their team has gone down and there you have it. Isn’t it time someone tried something new? Still, it will be nice to see everyone kick off at the same time for once.

I guess our game against Spurs is one of the few in the Premiership that doesn’t have any bearing on the title or relegation issues. One wonders how Rafa will approach it. Had it been at home then perhaps we would have seen the full team out for the goodbye. However, that happened against City last week so may be he feels he can ring the changes? This time of the season is certainly one for players to look back and reflect. It is also one to look forward and it was very heartening to here Steven Gerrard’s words about the way he sees his future in the light of recent transfer speculation. It seems that after a rocky patch, which involved a mild flirtation with Chelsea, the bond with the club is stronger than ever. Speaking to the website he said..

“I cannot see myself ever leaving Liverpool now, and what I would dearly love is to lead this club to the next level that I believe we are capable of reaching, I have won trophies here but there is one I am missing and I want that before I finish playing. I do not want to look back and say I have never been in a title race. I can see that the team is getting stronger and stronger and I can see that we are going forward. I feel that we are getting closer and I really believe that.”

Positive words in what has been a difficult season. No doubt Gerrard will be keen to see more signings over the summer and although this is now wishful thinking Spurs possess two players who I would be delighted to see in red shirt. Robbie Keane and Dimitar Berbatov. I think Robbie Keane is made to be a Liverpool player I think the crowd would love him and I also think he would slot in alongside Torres without too much difficulty. We’ve been rumoured to be interested in him in the past but I suspect our chance has gone now. Likewise for Berbatov. When he is on form I could watch him all day. It’s been suggested that Spurs are resigned to letting him go this summer but do we have the money and the clout to attract him? Sadly I’ve a feeling we’ll see him lining up against, rather than with, us.

Meanwhile Martin O’Neill keeps bleating on about the Gareth Barry situation accusing Rafa of having no respect. There seems to be some confusion over the story and who spoke to whom and what was said but it’s hardly major stuff and certainly doesn’t merit O’Neill’s outburst. Perhaps he is vociferous because is suspects he WILL lose Barry, we shall see. Me thinks he doth protest too much?

Prediction for today? Very difficult to say as it depends on who plays and who is up for it in what, to all intents and purposes, is a meaningless game. However, I’ve a feeling that Spurs, being the home side, will want to make it difficult for us. It would not surprise me if it ended all square but hell this is the last game of the season so I’m going to go for 2-1 for us and even go out on the limb and suggest that John Arne Riise, if he plays, will score in what could his last game. I’m certainly having a bet on it anyway!

Enjoy your day.

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