When will this petty bickering end?

I suppose it might get to the point where I get tired and bored of writing about the behind the scenes conflict. When I started this blog I thought I’d be able to talk about the team, its players, and its performances in short, the football side. However, since I started churning out this sh*t we’ve had a take over and now, as often happens after a revolution or a dramatic handover of power, a civil war. Sadly every piece between match reports seems to be taken up with this.

The only thing that will keep me going is my annoyance at the flagrant abuse of everything I was bought up to believe and admire about this club. Of course infighting isn’t new. How many other clubs in the Premiership and football league have elements of internal strife? I suspect we’re not the only one however we will never know as, unlike us, most clubs have the tact and diplomacy to keep this in house. We appear to be the only one that can’t! I’ve always thought Liverpool were different, special (they still are) but this isn’t what I had in mind!

What can you say about recent developments? At least the battle lines now seem to drawn so, now that things are clear, perhaps the issues can be resolved? How I think it will go doesn’t necessarily square with how I want to go. I have my opinions which regular readers of this blog (hello to both of you) will be able to guess however, despite grave reservations I, like Moores, Parry and I suspect the majority of fans, thought the yanks when they first came made a good start so what do I know? After the latest bit of nonsense I can only put my feeling is these terms…

It’s half term and I’ve just come off a weeks annual leave. Spending a week with your sons is great but it does has it’s drawbacks like for example when they fight, which as they are four and six, is pretty often. After a while you get to point where you don’t care who started it or why number one son hit number two son with his Lego Bionicle or why number two son eked his revenge by thwacking number one over the head with a Thomas the Tank carrier case. You just want them to stop, shut up and be quiet for a while and, above all, get on. That’s the way I feel about the clubs situation now.

Who would have thought that fourteen months after Hicks and Gillett introduced themselves as the new owners of the “Liverpool Reds” that they would not be talking to each other? That one or the other, on different occasions would, alienate the Manager, the Chief Executive and above all the fans. That the former Chairmen would have to break his silence, something he is not in the habit of doing, to appeal for unity. That important matches and remembrance periods would callously, disgracefully and selfishly relegated in second place behind personal agendas, petty squabbles and shoddy, cheap attempts at one-upmanship. So much damage done by so the few to so many?

I would have more respect for the owners if kept quiet or were openly honest over why they have become involved in Liverpool. It is to develop a cash cow, to leverage funds, increase asset value and then possibly sell it on, to make a profit. It that’s the agenda then say so please don’t dress it up in ill thought out transparent prose about fans, about Rafa about the clubs tradition when, as you have shown by your actions, these elements are secondary or a means to a end to achieving your main goal.

Get real gentlemen, Liverpool fans and football fans in general aren’t stupid and their club is more important to them than just somewhere to go for ninety minutes on a Saturday. Sure if the club is built up it means that we can use the new money to develop the team however, if this sort of situation is the price of keeping up with the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea you can stick it!

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One Response to When will this petty bickering end?

  1. Nimish Batra says:

    Well said Red. We all are getting wearied by this non-stop teenage drama, and whether Hicks is at fault or not, he’s coming off worse, but what’s even worse is he’s making Liverpool FC look bad.

    Does anyone know how the fans can contribute to make this end?

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