Blackburn banter, PFA picks for Stevie and ‘Nando and now Moores lets rip.

It is good news that Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres have been short listed for the PFA Player of the Year. Torres also appears on the Young Player of the Year short list.

Despite this one does wonder what the rational behind the list is. For example David James is the only nominee who is not from one of the so called “big four”. Whilst not wishing in anyway to undermine the contributions of Gerrard, Torres, Ronaldo and all the others on the list, are their contributions more valuable than say someone who plays a major part in for example helping one of the bottom clubs beat the drop. It’s a small issue but another example of how everything these days seems to be polarised around a few clubs?

Nevertheless it is nice that Torres and Gerrard should be recognised in this way especially as it is by their fellow professionals. Of course it will also entrench the already well aired view that Liverpool are far too reliant on the pair. This of course is nonsense, a cheap argument that has no thought behind it. I’ve yet to see any side that is chocked full of so called “Superstars” in every position. Even Real Madrid during their Galatico period had their “water carriers”. To say that the hub of Liverpool is two men is not only inaccurate but also an insult to the rest of the squad particularly those who don’t play in the same areas or positions as Gerrard and Torres.

Meanwhile there has been a short post script to the latest incident in the “American Civil War” that grips the club. David Moores has now taken the unusual step of going public and expressing his dismay at how things are turning out.

“When things are played out like they are at present it virtually makes the club a laughing stock. This is most certainly not what the club is about. In fact, I can’t ever remember, even going back to when I was a supporter as a kid, stuff being played out in public like we have seen in the last six months. It is embarrassing and it is not an acceptable way of doing things. I’ve never known anything like it and I’m just absolutely shell-shocked.”

One awaits Hicks reaction to this. Will he see this as a criticism of him? If he does it will be interesting to see how he deals with it, Moores is surely a different proposition to Parry? Perhaps he will be shamed by comments from someone like Moores? However, such is Hicks’ ego I doubt it.

Meanwhile it seems that the letter sent to Rick Parry by Hicks demanding his resignation was not received by him and that he only learnt about its contents via the TV. If this is the case it defies belief. Surely Hicks will be forced to stop this nonsense soon as he can’t much of his foot left to shoot at?

If Hicks hasn’t learnt it appears Rafa has. He cancelled his press conference and later stated that he was simply concentrating on today’s match. Blackburn is always a tricky game, be it home or away, and although we played as far back as Tuesday we always seem to have difficulty in the league after European ties? However, we have already scored an important psychological advantage! Although The Mancs are playing Arsenal in the other TV match Sky haven’t called this “Super Sunday” which must mean that Blackburn aren’t “super” !!! Rafa has more sensible, down to earth view..

“They are a tough team to play against because physically they are aggressive, they are well organised and it has been difficult against them in the past, but maybe this time it will be different. They also have players with quality. We need to be aware of their physical approach and also of their quality on the pitch.”

It’s strange how a side can’t seem to shake a reputation, will Blackburn always be typecast as physical? I don’t know how they will approach this. Their chances of European football seem to lie via The Intertoto Cup and they have only won one out of their last five, are they just counting out time? Nonetheless with no game until next Saturday we can afford to field the strongest side especially as we have a great opportunity to inch further ahead of Everton after their draw yesterday.

Prediction? I suspect the there will be the odd scare here and there but at this stage of the season the result is more important and I think we will prevail 2-1.

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