Another Hicks RICKett!

So that’s the distraction of the football over. Now we can get back to the real business of bickering and squabbling and dragging the club down even further!

The news that Tom Hicks has demanded Rick Parry’s resignation shouldn’t really come as a surprise. It is simply another step in the ongoing feud between the Star Spangled duo? Despite going public and urging Hicks and Gillett to resolve their differences, Parry is believed to be firmly in the latter’s camp. He has also remained in touch with DIC despite being one of the main driving forces behind “Team” USA’s take over last February. Hicks wasn’t ever going to stand for that?

As a result we get another worrying demonstration of Hicks’ tactless way of handling things. The letter sent to Parry demanding that he resign appears not to be worth the paper it is written on as the resignation needs to be ratified by the Liverpool board. Parry appears to have enough support amongst the members. Yesterday Gillett came out in support of Parry. This is a clear contradiction of Hicks’ stance, if the battle lines, largely due to Hicks’ wise silence, were unclear a few months ago they are in very sharp focus now.

Said Gillett

“Rick Parry retains our full support. Any decision to remove him would need the approval of the full Liverpool board which, it should be remembered, consists of six people – myself, Foster (Gillett’s son), David Moores, Rick himself, Tom Hicks and Tom junior.”

A basic fact that seems to escaped Hicks. He also has a short memory. Last November he publicly undermined Rafa’s position via the events of Klinnsmangate and now he has repeated the gaff with Rick Parry. Will this man ever learn or does he get off on faux pas’? To make things worse the timing, after Tuesday’s win, is simply appalling. Why does he keep doing this? How long will it be before he realises? Perhaps he naively felt that after Tuesday no one would care or notice and that anything goes? Wrong!

The issue of Rick Parry is a complicated one. Ironically it was he, with others, who was instrumental in bringing the Americans to Anfield, Like many of us he thought it would be a good thing, we’ve made our bed now we have to lie in it? He has also had some well publicised fall out with Rafa, mainly over transfers. Their relationship is still reported to be strained. When the take over happened Parry was seen a vital link between protecting the club’s old, cherished, traditions and values, and whilst dovetailing them with plans to move it forward. Although he and David Moores recently dug their heels over some of the refinancing issues, I believe he has been a failure in this area. Hicks has been allowed to rampage, untrammelled and unchecked dishing out a series of tactless, clumsy, thoughtless PR gaffs which no respect for these traditions, the so called “Liverpool way”.

Perhaps Hicks, who now seems to be behind Rafa (how things change), sees Parry as fair game? Another populist move to win over the fans or is it simply that his ego cannot take anyone disagreeing with him? Parry has had an up and down relationship with the fans however, I suspect he currently assumes Mother Teresa proportions compared to Hicks! If Hicks feels he can curry favour amongst them by getting rid of him his judgment, as it always seems to be in this area, is well wide of the mark.

Yesterday Parry said

“I shouldn’t be the story this week. The story should be the team and this is offensive to the manager, players and fans.”

Correct but even now the issue or story is not really Parry, he’s just a pawn in the struggle for power between two warring factions. Yesterday’s Independent likened his situation as “martyr” like. However, to describe Parry in these terms is to ignore the ironic fact that he is at loggerheads with the person he, and let’s not forget David Moores, bought in. The people they said were best qualified to take the club forward.

It is a pity that the clubs employee’s performance on the pitch last Tuesday is still a long way from being matched by those off it, not just from newcomers but across The Board. And that is the most “offensive” and disappointing thing of all.

Back tomorrow with a review of the Blackburn game in the meantime enjoy your Saturday.

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3 Responses to Another Hicks RICKett!

  1. Amir says:

    Don’t you think the silence by Rafa in support of Rick speaks volume?

  2. redfloyd says:

    Yes, they’ve had their disagreements in the past but also I think Rafa is playing a sensible game by keeping quiet and not taking sides at least not in public!

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