Time to dance with the Devils!

“You’re not going to catch me slagging off United when I know there may be United fans reading this book. For them: if you’ve ever wondered where Manchester is, it’s about halfway up England on the left”

John Peel “Margrave of the Marshes”

So here it is, Grand Slam, Supercalifragilistic Sunday. What happens if we finish fifth behind Everton this season? Does that mean Everton will take our place in the next Super Sunday? I can just imagine Martin Tyler saying “Liverpool need to win this game to keep their Super Sunday status oh and qualify for the Champions League”. The two Super Sundays is proof, if ever it were needed, that the hand of Sky reaches far into the game. Surely this cannot be a good thing?

No doubt many will say we are here today in a lesser capacity (Ringo to the other three’s Paul, John and George) as The Mancs, Chelsea and Arsenal, to borrow a Sky like analogy, battle it out like heavyweight gladiators in three way titanic tussle for the title. However, a Liverpool game against The Mancs, regardless of the circumstances, always manages to generate a small degree of interest amongst both sets of fans!

The build up to game has centred around two things. The first, Torres v Ronaldo is understandable, as both players are in form. What puzzles me is that one is a midfielder and other is a striker nonetheless why let something as fundamental as that get in the way of the comparisons?

The other more recent development is Rafa appealing for video protection for skilful players in the light of Fergie asking for the same thing for Ronaldo. My head hurts just thinking about this distracting twaddle and needless to say Fergie has, with monotonous predictability, upped the psychological anti in today’s red tops. I would prefer to concentrate the match which is what Rafa and Fergie should be doing rather than prattling on this tiresome way?

Our recent form in this tie has been poor. Seven league games under Rafa, no wins and only one goal, an own one from John O’Shea. Surely things can only get better? I guess it is a good time to be playing the Mancs as we are in good form. However, the same applied last season before we faced them at Anfield and they still did us.

Naturally the game has already been dissected in the press so I’m not going to add much here. Anyway when it comes to playing The Mancs I can’t really think about tactics as more primitive, tribal emotions take over? What is the point anyway? One can go on about we deal with Ronaldo but then we’d be ignoring Rooney or Tevez. All that can be said is that we should be confident because we’re in form and have no injury problems. Play like we have been playing and we should do well. Above all let’s not go into our shells as we have on previous occasions. We have the players and the talent it is just a question of whether we can harness it to full effect or something very near to that.

Finally it looks like we are to be without the presence of Rio Ferdinand this afternoon. Probably a good thing for Torres etc but perhaps not for the TV watching public it seems? Apparently the lad has a wonderful idea for a follow up to the critically acclaimed “Rio’s World Cup Wind Ups”. Like that programme it’s another “original”, “groundbreaking” concept. Ladies and Gents I give you…Rap Idol! The format? … ice skating, dancing and pop fans know! I did wonder if I’d be prepared to trade in a win today for this idea to never ever to see the light of day? However, it won’t come to that because it’s Rio, so he’ll probably “forget” about it!

Prediction? Sod it! Why not? 2-1 to us!

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4 Responses to Time to dance with the Devils!

  1. Like you I get fed up of the management hype. Just get on with the game for goodness sake!
    I’m quite new to football and of the top four find Liverpool most perplexing. I have seen them play sometimes and wondered what all the fuss was about. Other times, such as recently in Europe, I thought they were just magic. It must be frustrating as a fan.
    Not as frustrating as being a Leicester City fan at the moment though. Trust me on it!

  2. free bets says:

    it was a shame the ref spoiled the game tbh


    Rather this ‘Grand Slam Sunday’ In a way is it a form of manipulation/fixing of games?

    The league fixtures should be as they are drawn and not be for the benefit of a Cable company (SKY). ”

    The only fixtures manipulated should be where local teams are playing on the same day.

    How do they explain the seemingly fortuitous coincidences of fixtures? I haven’t been keeping up with TV interference in fixtures so i don’t know. Do they try and pretend that it’s all just random (and thus show that they think we’re fools) or are they at least admitting that they move things around to contrive these ‘Grand Slam’ match ups? If the former then it’s contemptible; the latter and it’s just irritating

  4. redfloyd says:


    One of my nieghbours is a Leicester fan so I know all about it believe me.

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