Toon Talk!

Although we weren’t involved in Champions League action this week it seems that, if Radio Five Live is to be believed, we were. On more than one occasion I was told there are four English teams in the last eight thus making an all Premiership Final a distinct possibility. Well when they say four it’s three but it might as well be four as we’ve a two goals lead right?

Oh but if it were just a case of turning up at the San Siro next week, lazily shuffling around the pitch for ninety minutes so we can take our “rightful” place in the last eight. Five Live, and others, seem to think it is inevitable however, one should never ever assume as the big beast of football as an annoying habit and turning around biting you on the backside. As for an all English Final if this happens how long will it be before Five Live and the like suggest it’s played at Wembley rather than in Moscow?

On to the take over stuff and the BBC website said today…

“The future of Liverpool remains unclear after a series of claims and counter-claims on Thursday.”

So that’s that then until the next story in approximately one day’s time. Quite frankly I feel like leaving it for this weekend, so I’ll move on to some football.

It’s nice to see that Fernando Torres has been named Barclay’s player of the month. I didn’t even realise that there was such an award. Presumably none of our lot have been good enough to win it this season! David Moyes was named Manager of the Month and then his team went and lost to an Italian team (Florentina) in Europe. Let’s hope a similar fate doesn’t befall Torres!

Which brings me to Newcastle today.

The sixty four thousand dollar question is how much will Tuesday figure in this game? Will Rafa make wholesale changes with Inter in mind thinking that Newcastle’s poor form will mean that he can? Seeing the way Newcastle have collapsed spectacularly in recent games one wonders if he will field his strongest side in hope that it will be over after an hour and then make substitutions.

This is of course highly premature, not to mention disrespectful to Newcastle. However, although they were unlucky to lose to Blackburn last week, they have turned in some stinkers of performances with the defence, never the new manager’s strong point, in particular looking all at sea. Already Kevin Keegan has the demeanour of someone who is thinking “help, what have got myself into, get me out of here?”. Above the surface his head is calm but underneath his legs are thrashing wildly and he’s pressing all sorts of panic buttons? So bearing in mind all this we should see Newcastle’s first win! Odds on an Michael Owen goal in his first game against us?

Team wise we are without Mascherano ,who was given a dead leg against West Ham, and Finnan still has an injured hamstring. I’ve a feeling that Kuyt will be rested in favour of Crouch and Lucas will probably come in for Mascherano with Alonso keeping his place. Everton are at Sunderland on Sunday. Would it be pushing it a bit to suggest they might drop points because they are tired from Thursday and that Sunderland will want to avenge the 7-1 thrashing they received at Goodison?

Prediction. No doubt many will long for a repeat of the two 4-3 classics however, although their confidence must be low, just as our is hopefully high, I’ve a gut feeling we see still a more resilient Newcastle than in previous games as they try to stop the rot. Nonetheless we will be expected to, and should, win and I’ll go for 2-0.

Finally, has anyone see the recent Kwik Fit advert? Does one of the cartoon characters (the one on the left) remind you of someone? Click here to see still.

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