DIC “D” Day? And Hammer time!

So, it’s time to stop the bulls**t and the psychological manoeuvring. Time to “quit talking” and make a decision. By the time you read this Hicks and Gillett might have agreed to sell their stake of the club to DIC.

The rumoured figure is £400m and the Star Spangled Duo had until the clock strikes midnight to agree or decline. Then DIC and their offer will turn into a pumpkin and be gone leaving the ugly sisters alone with the club and the fans who love them so much!

When Rick Parry announced details of the Mascherano signing last week he claimed this was evidence of the owner’s commitment to the club, even though it is rumoured that the funds only became available because of the recent refinancing. Although Gillett has remained silent, Tom Hicks has repeatedly stated that he is still committed to the club and has no intention of selling.

Soon we will see just how much of a price that so called commitment to Liverpool FC has. A quick “buck” or “win” for the owners to the tune of £25m profit, the amount we are told that each owner would walk way with for their “trouble” or; being in it for the long run, against a background of rising construction costs, the credit crisis and increasing opposition from the fans, in the hope that once the stadium is built they can sell for much more?

The fact that for the first time DIC have gone public over this issue suggests that we are close to reaching a decision one way or the other. Their deadline could be seen as an attempt to force the American’s hand and to test their commitment to the club.

For DIC the problem is Hicks. When isn’t he a problem? Reports say Gillett seems ready to sell to DIC but Hicks, who he seems to have fallen out with, is apparently trying the raise the capital to buy him out and assume full control himself. The Americans have an agreement that they can buy each other out first.

Despite all this Hicks has named his price to DIC. It is believed to be a ridiculous £1bn no where near the £171m he paid about a year ago. If only Hicks contribution to the club over the last year had been worth that much! Said DIC….

“It’s no secret that we have been in discussions with the current owners. It’s not easy because the owners are in dreamland about valuations at the moment.”

What sort of “dreamland” does Hicks live in? One where the only sound that can be heard is the sound of his own voice? One where you can spend a few quid on some players and the silverware will come flooding in? One where cash is king and takes second place to the difference between right and wrong and doing the decent thing? And, above all, one where you can arrogantly and incompetently stumble from one faux pas to another antagonising the fans and undermining your manager and still expect everyone to be behind you as you naively think they think like you do.

Will DIC be successful? What do I know? Moreover the question of what they will bring to the club, if their takeover bid is successful, also remains. For the Americans £25m isn’t a bad pay out for a years “work”. Perhaps they will quit while they are ahead for fear of getting up to their necks even further as the economy gets worse? All this scrambling around for money doesn’t exactly instil confidence in their ability to ride it out and maintain a commitment to improving the team. Perhaps DIC will not walk away altogether but bide their time and come back if things get difficult and force them to sell for a lower price?

However, even though his general demeanour suggests they haven’t the faintest idea about what he has taken on, noises from Hicks suggest that he at least intends to remain firm suggesting that DIC’s offer will be met with the words “In your dreams”?

Finally, if The Star Spangled Duo do go one assumes the leaving do won’t be in the Sandon!

On to more palatable things. A good old honest game of footy against West Ham tonight. Of course we should be on The Champions League duty this week but as Arsenal were at the San Siro last night we have to wait until next Tuesday. So it’s a good opportunity to make progress in the league by playing our game in hand.

Win tonight and we go fourth. Lose and it won’t be disaster but after Newcastle on Saturday and then Reading at home, both of which we will be expected to win, we have a run of tough games The Mancs, Everton and Arsenal so we need to make hay, or pick up points, while the sun shines?

The last game against West Ham, at their place in January, saw us go down 1-0 to a last gasp penalty. However, we’ve been unbeaten since then and with visitors taking a fearful battering on Saturday from Chelsea, hope springs eternal.

Who will Rafa pick? I suspect there will be a few changes from Sunday but one assumes that the “spine” will remain in tact? Prediction? Home form hasn’t been good but it’s showing signs of picking up and we need to maintain momentum and start making life a little easier for ourselves by winning when we are expected to. I’ll go for 2-0.

Enjoy the evening, it could be eventful on, and off, the pitch!

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