“Kopello’s” put up Italian job fails to convince

Sometimes in life people will do things that play on your prejudices or weaknesses, they tap your Achilles heel as it were.

Often it is just a case of *iss taking, throw the bait, the bait is taken and then reel the suspect in. Because your beliefs or interest are so ingrained you are taken in by it and you react. Then you take a look at the persons face and realise they are having you on. Even though you are butt you can appreciate the deception if it’s done well. If it’s done badly it’s just plain silly, easily sussed, complete bollocks in fact. Such an example was The Daily Mirror’s story concerning Fabio Capello.

“Fabio Capello has been ‘tapped up’ twice by Liverpool as Rafa Benitez battles to stay in command at Anfield. Capello claims he was contacted before and after last week’s Champions League win over Porto as boss Benitez’s relationship with owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks reached crisis point. That will alarm the FA, who see the out-of-work Italian, 61, as a potential candidate to succeed Steve McClaren as England boss.”

The club, via Rick Parry, have denied this

“Capello has not contacted us and we have not contacted him.”

Of course this is nothing to do with the fact that Capello is one of the poor, unfortunate souls who has been earmarked as a candidate for the England job. It is nothing got do with the fact that despite having started off as the firm favorite, he has slipped down the list as Jose Mourinho has indicated that he might been interested.

“So” says Capello and agent “let’s see what we can do. I know Liverpool are supposedly at odds with Rafa Bentiez let’s say I could be going to them. It might focus the FA’s mind in a “gosh we might lose him so let’s make him an offer” sort of way”.

Of course this is only speculation but it wouldn’t be the first time this trick has been used though one wonders what Capello thinks of the FA if he feels they will fall for it. Come to think of it he’s probably right! Ironically one wonders if Mourinho is faining interest in the post to attract offers from club sides!

As for The Mirror all I can say is that it must have been a quiet week and the chance to use the headline “Kopello” was just too good to resist! Steve Coppell next? “Koppell”

Another story which made the papers is the Besiktas match fix. Michel Platini has since confirmed that this is not one of the games under investigation. I don’t know what prompted the papers to publish this in the first place? If there is no evidence then why pick on this this particular game instead of say Arsenal’s 7-0 win earlier in the competiton or indeed any of the others involving British sides in Europe? Discuss and file along with other Liverpool “scare stories” surrounding player, manager and owner unrest. It’s only a matter of time before we get a story about the lost HM Revenue and Customs CDs being found playing in Benitez’s car stereo!

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