Fergie tells Rafa big boys don’t cry and here comes the Sun(derland)!

This will be posted on 25th August. If it’s still the latest one after a few days, I’ve been unable to get a network link for my laptop at the place where we are holidaying. I’m not hopeful but then again it’s not as if they point at planes in Devon and call them “metal birds”!

So, back in a week’s time, possibly!

Meanwhile, Heinze, Heinze, Heinze, Heinze ain’t you just sick of it? Even though the player is now in Spain, today we learn that Manchester United will be “investigating” our role in the affair. Get this from Fergie.

“We are looking at Liverpool’s whole role in this. We are not letting them off with it. That is what we are investigating.”

He then goes on to admonish Rafa about the rest of his rant earlier this week calling him “churlish” and having a chip on his shoulder. I can’t really slate Fergie for disagreeing with Rafa as I did myself in the last blog, it just makes his outburst more ill judged when the likes of Fergie feel the need to give the nation the “benefit” of his infinite wisdom!

Fergie’s words about “investigating” us and “not letting us off” smack of delusions of grandeur. As if the Mancs feel they are in position to pull some kind misplaced “seniority” or “rank” over us for being so impertinent as to try and put one over them. That’s if they are investigating us at all, it could be one of Fergie’s now rather tired and predictable attempts at mind games? He getting like an old relative who comes round the house and does the same old card trick thinking he’s being original and showing you something new.

Either way I don’t think Liverpool, even if they have done something wrong, should worry. We have more important things to concern ourselves with than the uttering’s of Alex Ferguson. Indeed one look at the current Premier League table suggests that Fergie would also be best advised to stop trying to threaten us and to concentrate on his team’s football!

From one ranting loony to his prodigy, Roy Keane whose Sunderland side we face tomorrow in an early kick off (calm yourself Rafa!). Sunderland are rapidly becoming a team of Manchester Untied “cast offs” with Richardson, Yorke and now Andy Cole however, one shouldn’t underestimate the power of Roy Keane to get them playing for each other. He proved that last season when he dragged Sunderland up from the foot of the league to win the Championship.

As for us after this week’s “distractions” it’s time for everyone to concentrate on football, even though he has three hours less than most to prepare for it! Gerrard is injured so I suspect Alonso or Mascherano will play. I’m wondering if Rafa will change the forward line? .Heskey battered Sunderland last week at Wigan so perhaps he might opt for some height (Crouch) or general physically presence (Voronin) along side Torres? Surely Babel will get a start sooner or later?

Whoever plays there is the opportunity to make a small bit of history as we need one goal to make it 7,000 league goals in their history. What’s the betting it’s an Andy Cole own goal!

Meanwhile behind the scenes Rafa’s been at it again with his keepers. Having built up a rather impressive and extensive collection, our man, like some arts philanthropist, has loaned another one out to an institution, for the benefit of “footballing nation”! So, hot on the heels of Scott Carson’s loan to Villa, we see Nikolay Mihaylov trotting off to FC Twente for the rest of the season. I wonder if Mihaylov knew he would be loaned out when he signed for us? Surely he must have, it’s not as if Holland is just down the road! Now that Mihsylov is away, there is a vacancy in Rafa’s “harem” of keepers, he will need to build an annex soon, so he’s signed Peter Gulacsi on a twelve month loan deal from MTK Hungaria. Gulacsi told Skysports.

I woke up and went to bed day by day with the thought that I have the chance to became a Liverpool player,”

These days it seems that if you are keeper you have more than a chance of becoming a Liverpool player!

Another new young singing this week was Mikel San Jose, a central defender, who has joined from Athletic Bilbao on a three-year contract. At 18-year-old San Jose is one for the future and hasn’t even made a first team appearance for Bilbao despite impressing. San Jose, and I haven’t mentioned the Dionne Warwick song yet ….dam!

Prediction for tomorrow? We’ve been promised a more attacking side away from home this season so 3-1 to us!

Enjoy the weekend.

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