Opening Shots

Hmmm.. what does one write as the first entry for this blog? I don’t know. Who will read the dam thing anyway?

The main purpose of setting this up is to talk about football but I do reserve the right, at any time of my choosing, to go off at a tangent and write about all sorts of nonsense. I’ve never ever kept a diary or blog of any type save a collection of daily ramblings about a trip to South Africa I took back in 1997. Actually, that’s not quite true. I did receive diaries when I was young for Christmas and kept the entries up for about a week or so before getting bored. The typical entry was “Got up, went to school, played football, rode on my bike, watched Scooby Doo on TV” so that doesn’t really count. It’s really strange reading that last sentence back, it could almost be one of Theo Walcott’s diary entries now!

I am, first and foremost however, a football fan. My team is Liverpool and although I now live in the South of England, irritatingly near to “The Home of Rugby”, I do come from the North West. I have to admit that I’m not a Scouser though. I was born 20 or so miles from Liverpool…. a “woolly back” or “plasy Scouser”! However, I have done enough travelling up and down the land, following the reds in my teens, twenties and thirties to earn my spurs as a fan. Sadly two young kids, and all resulting responsibilities, have knocked much of that on the head. I say “sadly” but rest assured I wouldn’t swap either of my boys to go back into it, even a Champions League win, from three, no four, or even five goals down! Everything else though is up for discussion!

Like most people in my situation, these days the football drug is scored via TV, radio and reading about the game. I also run a fantasy football competition in the office where I work. I offer comment on the game with each weekly update to, I suspect, a rather bored readership who are only really interested in how many points they’ve scored each week. Despite that I quite enjoy doing this but, reasons too boring to go into, but find it a bit limiting hence this blog thingy……

I think that will do. All I need is something memorable or witty to end this first entry, but why fly in the face of what I’ve written so far? !

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